Optic Adapter Plate - Shield RMSc to Trijicon RMR - Sig P365 (not P365XL) (0.125" )

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For years, serious shooters have desired to mount Trijicon RMRs to slides with narrow profiles such as the Glock 43, Sig P365 and the Smith and Wesson Shield. We now have a practical answer.

Our RMS to RMR adapter plate mounts directly to the Shield RMS/RMSc optic cut footprint (machined into the slide) and allows the user to mount a Trijicon RMR securely to the adapter plate!



NOTE: These adapter plates are designed to be backwards compatible with all prior Maple Leaf Firearms Shield RMS/RMSc Optic Cuts. These plates MAY be compatible with other company's RMS/RMSc optic cuts. However, due to dimensional differences in how optic cuts can be machined, exact fitment is not guaranteed with any other company's optic cuts.

The numbers in each specific product name indicate the slide profile the plate is designed to match and the specific depth of the RMS/RMSc optic cut pocket the plate is designed to fit. For example, we machine our Glock 43 RMSc Optic Cuts to .160" depth. In order to correctly fit into our Glock 43 RMSc optic cut, you would need to order this version Glock 43 (0.160")

We will be releasing multiple versions of this plate that match up to different slide profiles (Glock 43, Sig P365, Sig P365XL, S&W Shield) and will have them available in different depths to accommodate most existing RMS/RMSc optic cut dimensions. Please be sure to order the correct plate for your application!

Each plate will ship with two sets of custom 6-32 screws. The shorter set will mount the plate to the slide, the longer set will be used to mount the Trijicon RMR to the adapter plate. Recommended torque value for all screws is 11in/lbs.


Maple Leaf Firearms Standard RMS/RMSc Optic Cut Milling Depths: Glock 43/43X/48 = 0.160", Sig P365 = 0.125", S&W Shield9/40 = 0.140".


If Maple Leaf Firearms did not machine your slide for the Shield RMSc Optic Cut, please contact the shop that did the work for clarification on their milling specs! You will need to know the exact depth of their machining and the thread specs for their mounting hardware in order to choose the correct adapter plate. Different fasteners may be required to secure the plate to your slide if we didn't machine your slide. It is solely the responsibly of the customer to ensure the correct fasteners are used and proper safe function of the firearm is maintained. If you have any questions, contact a competent gunsmith for help!

The numbers in the product description reference the maximum depth of the optic cut that that particular model will fit. For example, the .160" plate will fit optic cuts up to and including .160" deep. A .125" plate will only function in optic cuts up to .125" deep and will not work in cuts that are deeper. Thicker plates will work in shallower optic cuts, but not vice versa.



The major advantage of this system is the freedom to choose either to mount the Shield RMS/RMSc series of sights directly to your slide or to choose to mount the battle proven Trijicon RMR! Perhaps most importantly, the use of this adapter plate does not require the factory firing pin drop safety to be compromised like some other designs currently on the market. No more proprietary adapter plate footprints. Choose the optic best suited for your current needs and run your gun!

Our RMS to RMR adapter plate is CNC machined from billet 7075 aluminum alloy (almost twice as strong as the more common and cheaper 6061 Aluminum) and Type 3 Hardcoat anodized black. To minimize unnecessary weight, the plate has had as much material machined away as possible without sacrificing any structural integrity.

When used in conjunction with our Shield RMS/RMSc Optic Cut, the adapter plate fits perfectly within the optic cut pocket. In addition to tight tolerances on the front and rear walls, the plate also utilizes the four recoil bosses machined into the optic cut pocket to prevent movement in any direction. The Trijicon RMR mounts on top of the adapter plate and is securely located with two precision recoil bosses machined into the plate.


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    Well made

    Posted by David on Nov 20th 2019

    Nice black finish, and it includes the notches for a tight, secure fit. I was worried that a Trijicon rmr would seem too big on my little p365, but nope. It looks great and works great. The mounting plate has rounded edges that match well with the RMR and the slide. The Trijicon RMR doesn't interfere with my kydex holster either, so the pistol still conceals the same as it does without the RMR.

    To my knowledge, no other company is producing an option to mount a Trijicon RMR to a p365. The holes in the RMR are wider than the p365 slide, so it can't be mounted directly. There are a few other companies that will mill out the slide for a Shield RMSc, but that wasn't an option for me on my carry pistol given the reliability record of the shield red dot.