Trijicon RMRcc Adapter Plate - P365X/P365XL (does not fit XMacro)

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COMPATABILITY: This plate is for the old style P365X and P365XL slides that have the optic cut in place of the rear iron sight. It does not fit on any newer model that has the optic cut in front of the rear iron sight dovetail, such as the new-style P365X, new-style P365XL, and P365XMacro.


The Trijicon RMRcc Pistol Adapter Mount Plate, Sig Sauer 365XL, Black, AC32096

This adapter plate mounts directly to the pistol using supplied fasteners. The Trijicon RMRcc is then mounted to this adapter using the Trijicon supplied fasteners.

Made from steel, weighs 32 grams.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a Trijicon manufactured part. All after sales support will be directed to Trijicon for this adapter plate.