Chamfer - Top and Front (Standalone)

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Select this option to add BOTH a full length 45 degree chamfer down the top and front edges of your Glock Slide.

This is a great standalone addition to your custom slide or add it in conjunction with one of our other slide milling packages.

This option includes the Chamfer cut only.

4 Reviews

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    Slide work

    Posted by Heath on Jul 3rd 2023

    Second slide I've sent in, just as pleased as the first. Will trust no one else.with my slide work. Thanks guys!

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    No hassle chamfer cuts done right & with reasonable speed.

    Posted by Anthony V on Dec 5th 2020

    I had gotten a good deal on three aftermarket glock slides from rocky brass. They were great slides, but cut with a narrow chamfer that would not allow the slides to fit in any of my standard glock holsters (basically, they were too "blocky, even for a glock). Specifically, the top chamfer wouldn't even allow for holstering in an ALS hoster or any of the kydex holsters that other OEM or aftermarket slides fit in effortlessly. Mapleleaf helped me to make things right with their machining service. They added a top and front chamfer for a very reasonable fee. They re-nitrided as well, which was really nice so far as "one stop shopping" goes. Turnaround was under a month from the times I shipped the slides, which is very reasonable, especially with the volumes that the industry is seeing nowadays. Additionally, their website updated me as to the status "received, in process, etc." When I got the slides back, I assembled them onto their respective frames and all three fit in their holsters as they should. Additionally, they look and function great.

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    A nice touch.

    Posted by Zach W on Aug 11th 2019

    I added the chmafer to take the edges of the slide down to profile along with the slide plate that was purchased to along with the optic cut. This was a nice and subtle touch that I feel completes the aesthetic look of the slide. They are straight and precise.

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    Posted by Heath on Aug 25th 2018

    Really like the chamfer job. I wanted something subtle and couldn't be happier. They did a great job, will use them again on the next build.