Why should I modify my handgun?

There are many technical answers to this question, but the simplest reason we can offer is this: "To be different!" Glock pistols are the most prolific handguns in the world, and they all look the same. Don't settle for being one-of-millions when you can be one-of-a-kind.

Of course, there are inevitably those among us who simply don't care about how their gun looks, as long as it performs the task required of it. We welcome you as well! Our modifications can substantially elevate your handguns performance, whether it be the utilitarian addition of an optical sight and simple forward cocking serrations, or a full blown milling package, we guarantee you'll be pleased with the result. If you aren't for any reason we'll work with you to find a solution. Oh, and your gun's going to look damn good, too!


How do I ship my items for customization?

Please see our Shipping page for complete directions if you will be shipping your slide yourself. Or consider using our Valet Slide Service!


How do I check the status of my order?

We try to update the status of orders as they progress through the process from receipt, to machining, to refinishing, to shipping back to you! It is not uncommon, however, for there to be a significant delay between your slide's arrival and its first status update. We are a small operation contending with a very large volume of orders, and to put it bluntly, issuing status updates uses up valuable time that could otherwise be spent getting slides processed and out the door back to customers.

If you would like a specific status update on your order, please send an email to status@mapleleaffirearms.com and we will get back to you ASAP!


What is Valet Slide Service?

Our Valet Slide Service is a complete shipping solution for your slide customization. After you place your Valet order we'll send you a prepaid envelope and heavy duty packaging materials to securely package and ship your slide to us for customization.

We guarantee your slide to arrive safely and undamaged with this service without the need for you to purchase additional shipping insurance.


Do you offer Law Enforcement, Military, or First Responder discounts?

Yes! Please see our LE Sales page for details!


What does the owner carry?

We get this question more often than you might think... Our owner, John, carries a Glock 19Gen5 modified with our Valkyrie Cut and Black Nitride refinishing. The slide is machined for a Trijicon RMR with the irons forward configuration. John's G19 is outfitted with a Trijicon RM07 6.5MOA red dot and Trijicon Black Outline/Green Tritium suppressor sights.


I'm new to pistol mounted red dots, what optic do you recommend?

In our experience and opinion, we find the Trijicon RMR series of red dot sights to be the only optics that reliably hold up to the rigors of serious use. In short, the Trijicon RMR is the only optic we trust on our personal carry guns.

The Holosun 407c/607c/508t series of sights can be a great alternatives at a more affordable price, especially for competition use, but we still prefer the Trijicon RMR for carry and/or duty use. Please understand that this is not to say other available brands make a bad product. However, when asked for our honest opinion about the different choices available, our answer is clear.

Please note: The above statement is strictly our opinion and should be taken as such. Maple Leaf Firearms is in no way affiliated with Trijicon or Holosun, and does not receive incentives for recommending their products over other brands.


What does "Forward Set Dovetail" or "Iron Forward Configuration" mean? What advantages does it offer?

This refers to the placement of the rear iron sight relative to optic cut. The "standard" configuration is to place the optic cut in front of the factory rear sight dovetail. In the "Forward Set Dovetail" configuration, we will relocate the rear iron sight in front of the optic.

There are pros and cons to both configurations, however we find many experienced shooters to prefer the irons forward configuration once they get used to shooting with a slide mounted optic.

It should be noted that due to geometric constraints, some optics are not able to be placed in front of the rear iron sight in the standard configuration. For example, the Vortex Venom, Burris FF3, Leupold DPP and Aimpoint Acro P1 are too long to position in front of the Glock factory dovetail without compromising the Glock firing pin safety mechanism. If you wish to use Glock style suppressor sights with these optics, the only option is to go with a forward set dovetail.


I see you can mill slides for the Shield RMS, what about the RMSc and RMSw?

The Shield Sights RMS, RMSc and RMSw all share the same mounting footprint. They are 100% interchangeable within our Shield RMS Optic Cut. They all use the same mounting screws provided when we return your side.

The Sig Romeo Zero will fit in the same RMS/RMSc/RMSw optic cut footprint but uses slightly longer screws.


Holosun 407k/507k optic cut compatibility:

The Holosun 407k/507k optic uses a unique footprint that is slightly (about 1mm) shorter than the Shield RMSc and Sig Romeo Zero footprint.

Generally, an existing Shield RMSc or Sig Romeo Zero optic cut can be modified to accept the Holosun 407k/507k optic, however the optic will not fit snug in the optic cut pocket so it is not ideal.

The Shield RMSc and Romeo Zero will not fit into the Holosun 407k/507k optic cut as they are longer than the optic cut pocket.


Does your Trijicon RMR cut work with the Holosun 407c/507c/508t?

Yes, our Trijicon RMR Optic Cut is compatible with the Holosun optics. However, due to dimensional differences, the custom length mounting screws we supply for the Trijicon RMR cut ARE NOT compatible with the Holosuns. You will need to use shorter 5/16" length 6-32 screws. These screws are available for purchase here.


Do you make cover plates for optics other than the Trijicon RMR?

No, not at this time.

How fast is the turnaround time?

Please see the banner at the top of our home page for current approximate lead times. To check the progress on your order please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or send us an email directly to status@mapleleaffirearms.com. Please note that lead times are fluid and are subject to change without notice due to current workload, and do not include holidays or shipping times.


What is the best way to contact us for Questions or Order Changes?

Emailing us at sales@mapleleaffirearms.com, or through our Contact Us page is by far the best way to get in touch with us!

We can't always get to the phone, or may be on the other line. Through email we can keep track of individual customer interactions and can respond with images, direct links to products, etc; and you can do the same. Email is also usually the fastest method; we try to answer these every morning, and periodically throughout the day. If on the rare chance you haven't received an email response withing two business days, please email us again! If you must call, please don't be offended if we can't answer right away; we will do our best to get back to you quickly!


My order still says "Awaiting Fulfillment", will this change when you receive my slide and start working on it?

Your order status will, by default, appear as "Awaiting Fulfillment". You can expect to see "Awaiting Fulfillment" as your order status until we ship your order, at which point the status will be updated to "Shipped". If we have the time, we may update your order status to reflect the current stage that your slide is in, such as "Received / In Process" or "At Refinishing". Please note that if we do update your online order status it may be days/weeks after your slide has already been in that stage of the process. For example, if you get an emailing notifying you that your order is now  "At Refinishing", it's possible that it may have actually been at refinishing for some time already.


Can you work on aftermarket slides?

Yes! If you plan to order our customization services for a blank slide, simply put "Blank" in the form where it asks for your slide serial number.


Why do you require a "Serial Number" for your customization work?

We ask that you put the serial number of your factory Glock slide simply so we can keep track of your slide while it's here. If your slide does not have a serial number, as is the case with most blanks, simply put "Blank" in the serial number form.


How does modifying the slide affect the functionality of my pistol?

We extensively test our slide designs for function prior to their release to the public. We do not release products that we feel are a danger to the user, or those that have significant reliability issues. With that said, every individual handgun and shooter is different, so certain modifications may alter the reliability and/or accuracy of your handgun.

Obviously, all of our slide milling services will remove mass from the stock slide. We find that most models continue to function as intended with the factory recoil spring assembly, even with significant slide mass reduction. You may choose to change your recoil spring to a heavier or lighter weight based on personal preference.

As a general rule of thumb, we do not recommend using ammunition loaded to higher pressures than standard SAAMI specifications with a modified slide.


Will my pistol recoil more with a modified slide?

That's a tough question to answer because there are a lot of variables in play. Milled slides will have less mass that the typical factory slide. In general, because of this decrease in slide mass, most shooters will perceive a slightly sharper, snappier recoil impulse as the entire firearm has less inertia to counteract against the forces of the bullet being accelerated. (Simple physics: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction...)

HOWEVER, because the slide is now cycling faster, and there is less reciprocating mass, most experienced shooters will shoot flatter with a modified slide than with a stock slide. As with any handgun, solid grip fundamentals make all the difference with recoil management.


Will modifying my firearm void the factory warranty?

Slide milling and frame modifications will almost certainly void your factory warranty. Drop in replacement parts alone, may, but are much less likely to, void your warranty. It is your responsibility to know what is covered under your warranty.


Do you sell factory and aftermarket slides?

Yes! These slides can be found under "Pistol Accessories" > "Slides". If desired, these slides can be purchased in conjunction with any of our slide customization packages and will be modified prior to shipment. If you purchase a new slide to be modified, simply put "GLOCK" in the order form where it requires a serial number.


Do you sell pre-cut custom slides?

Yes! These can be found under the "Ready To Ship" tab.


What is the Order Cancellation Policy?

Please ensure your order is entirely correct prior to finalizing your online order.

If you wish to cancel a pending order for slide customization you will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. The remainder of your payment will be refunded to your card.


What is the Return Policy?

You may return most new, unopened (unused and uninstalled) items within 30 days of delivery. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect item, etc.). Due to the nature of the products we sell and for liability reasons, used or installed items are not returnable. Ammunition is not returnable.

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. This time period includes the transit time for us to receive your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes us to process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), and the time it takes your bank to process our refund request (5 to 10 business days).

For obvious reasons, all of our custom work is non-returnable, however, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. In the unlikely event you are unhappy with our custom work, we will work with you to come up with a solution.

If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

Note: All returns not due to an error on our part will incur a 10% restocking fee plus original shipping costs.



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