Carry Essentials Package + Impulse Porting

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Carry Essentials Package

-Choice of Optic Cut

-Vertical Front Serrations (6 or 7 serrations depending on model)

-Enhanced Rear Serrations

-Choice of Black Nitride or Stonewash Nitride Refinishing

-Impulse Porting System

If your slide is a Factory Front Serration model (19FS, 17FS, 34FS, 43X, 45, 48) we will enhance both the front and rear serrations.


Maple Leaf Firearm's Impulse Porting System features precision 5-axis machined ports through the top edges of the slide, machined at a 30 degree offset on each side of the barrel center line to keep the shooter's sight picture clear of muzzle blast. The matching barrel machining is engineered to focus 18 individual high pressure jets of gas through the windows in the slide. This system is designed specifically to maintain the absolute reliability required of a defensive handgun, all while giving shooter flat-shooting performance. These size and spacing of these ports is designed to minimize the typical increased visual flash signature commonly found on other ported barrels.