Impulse Porting System for Glock Pistols

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The Maple Leaf Firearms Impulse Porting System for Glock handguns is our turnkey recoil reduction solution. This system maintains your weapons original form factor and reliability, all while significantly reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise.

The Impulse Porting System works by directing a portion of the energetic gasses generated by the burning propellent through precision drilled holes in the barrel, allowing these gasses to escape through the matched windows machined into the slide. The mass flow of this expanding gas exerts a strong downward force component on the firearm, reducing felt recoil and ensuring your slide tracks flatter, allowing for faster, more accurate follow up shots.

The Impulse Porting System is designed such that there is minimal muzzle velocity drop with all common range and duty grade ammunition (see data below), and minimal disruption of your natural sight picture. Unlike many other designs where vertical ports direct gas straight up through your sight picture, the Maple Leaf Impulse Porting System directs the gas jets out in a 60 degree included angle "V" pattern, up and away from the centerline of your slide, ensuring your target focused sight picture is not disrupted by flash or expanding gas.

The form factor and major edge contours of your slide remain unchanged, ensuring 100% backwards combability with any existing holsters, including duty grade retention systems like the Safariland ALS system.


This service requires the customer to send both their slide and barrel to Maple Leaf Firearms for modification.

This service can be combined with any of our optic cut services. If you'd like to add the Impulse Porting System to our Duty Cut or Carry Essentials Packages, please select the "Duty Cut + Impulse Porting Package" or the "Carry Essentials + Impulse Porting Package" products, respectively.

Please note: Slides that have already been modified with any top surface design feature (top window, serrations, etc) either by us or another shop, are not able to be retrofitted with the Impulse Porting System.